$0 Deductible Glass Coverage

I had my windshield replaced today, it was a very smooth process and it cost nothing out of my pocket! I have to share this info! I have auto insurance with Progressive and they now offer $0 deductible glass coverage! That’s right $0, they already covered glass repairs at no charge and now even the replacement costs you nothing. I went to the Progressive website http://www.progressiveagent.com logged in to my policy and filed the claim online in just a few minutes. They have a really cool system where you place the crack on a windshield online, put it in the place where yours is and adjust the size and the claim is filed. I called Progressive with that claim number that was generated and told them who I wanted to use to replace the glass.. which was Glass Magic here in Lubbock. They came out to my office, replaced the glass, and they bill the insurance company directly. The whole process took about an hour and it was done.

Megan at Glass Magic was a lot of help. Here is their info:

4302 W Loop 289, Lubbock, TX 79407

(806) 799-7272

If you are interested in the $o deductible glass option, just let me know and we can work up a quote for you. It is available on auto and rv/motorhome policies.

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